Thursday, July 11, 2013

Charity Voting is Concluded!


For those that have not read yet, we raised $34,000 for Charity on sales of Womanthology: Heroic! :D

Late last year we gave 10K of those funds to help educate girls in Pakistan, in the wake of the tragic shooting of Malala Yousafzai. (The organization's wonderful post about it! --> LINK )

With 24K remaining, the creators of Heroic nominated and voted on which remaning Charities to give the funds to. Here are the results!

#1: Highest vote 5.4K Help Mbosha Women build a Primary Health Center

"This project run by local women will provide essential primary healthcare to the 900 residents of Mbosha village and the many surrounding villages situated in this very rural region of NW Cameroon. Our volunteers have got an opportunity to work in this community and with the help of the Global Giving donors the health centre will after construction also have some modern equipment. The HIV/AIds education in the area is being intensived by one of the volunteers from the UK."

#2:   4.6K Help train 25 women in Bangledesh to be Birth Attendants

"Bangladesh has one of the highest maternal mortality rates with 95% home births.Training local women to become home birth attendants can help save lives of mothers and babies in rural villages. Trained birth attendants will provide health education in isolated villages(family planning, breastfeeding, nutrition, maternal and infant care). Mothers and children receive adequate care with recognition and referral of early signs of complications"

#3 tied: 7K FCCO Spay/Neuter Clinics For Feral And Stray Cats

"Without our spay/neuter services, feral cats would continue to breed causing needless suffering for future litters. Since 1995 we have spayed/neutered almost 60,000 cats making a huge impact on their lives as well as their caregivers."

#3 tied: 7K Feeding Orphans in Haiti

"I asked the head nurse for our Neonatal ICU at the orphanage to give me a "list" of our sick and struggling children. We currently have 15 very sick and malnourished children and a total of almost 50 who still drink formula. These children need proper nutrition and that proper nutrition comes in the form of infant formula that is designed specifically to meet the needs of sick and malnourished children. Help us provide the right baby formula and we can give these children a chance at life."

Overall, Womanthology Heroic has given:

10K to Education of Girls
17K to Health of Women and Children
7K to Animal Welfare

That is so amazing! :D Big applause to all the contributors of Womanthology: Heroic, and to all the Kickstarter Backers, as well as supporters who helped spread word of out project. Thank you so much for helping make this happen!

Best of all, there's still Womanthology Books out there for sale, of which 100% of the proceeds go to more Charities :) Here's hoping for the opportunity of more giving in the future.


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  1. This project made me happy in a lot of ways, but this news makes me happiest of all.