Friday, March 29, 2013

Charity Nominees!

Hello everyone! First my apologies this is running so late. I have so much to do and so little time!

A recap: While Womanthology was always to be for Charity, because of the success of the Kickstarter I was able to print a LOT more books for regular distribution in stores/Amazon/ etc. ALL of the money earned from those sales goes to various Charites on .

To date, we have earned $34,000 in Womanthology sales! :D We have already delegated $10,000 of those funds to help Educate 1,000 Girls in Pakistan following the tragic shooting of MalalaYousafzai.

We have $24,000 left to distribute! Everyone was invited to nominate Charities from Global Giving as recipients of the funds, and the list is below for anyone interested to check out. The female creators of Womanthology will then VOTE on which ones will get the funding.

WOMANTHOLOGY CREATORS: You will receive an email soon with instructions on how to vote! So keep an eye out! :D You may want to check out all the Charities and plan out who you want to vote for (it will have multiple choice)

KICKSTARTER BACKERS: All of these Charities can possibly be helped because of YOUR support. Thank you thank you THANK YOU! :)

 (NOTES: the amounts to the left are what's LEFT in those campaigns, and if you see the note "Can Fully Fund" then it means those causes have little funding so far, yet we can fully fund them if chosen). Also as you can see, depending on what's chosen, we can use the 24K to fulfill many or a few Charities!



5K Help Mbosha Women build a Primary Healtch Center (can fully fund)
5K Care for 15 Orphaned/Abandoned Kenyan babies
33K Feed Orphaned babies in Haiti
24K Help Women in Remote Villages have Healthy Babies (can fully fund)
3K Birth Center for mothers in Phillipines
4k Train 25 women to be Birth Attendants in Bangledesh (can fully fund)
14K Save a Moms Life in the Congo

Girl Specific

194K Girl Effect Fund
5K Empower African Girls with Hygiene and Education
38K Expand and Supply a School for 3,000 Afghan Girls
27K Rescue 100 Girls from early Marriage in Kenya

Women Specific

30K Transform the lives of Afghanistans Most Forgotten


23K Art Programs for 3,000 In-Need Kids in NY
4K Using Visual Arts to Help At Risk Kids in Maryland
27K Help Child Brides in India go to School Instead 
1.5K Teach Literacy Through the Arts in DC, MD, VA
62K Bring Healing Art to Children in Medical Crisis
500K From Homelessness to Stability
9K Learning and Achieving through the Arts (can fully fund)
4K Support Art Education and Inspire Young Artists

Arts for Adults

8K Support African Illustrators of Children's Stories


85K Save the Life of Shelter Pets in North America
20K Spay and Neuter Clinics for Feral/Stray Cats (can fully fund)


9K Help Tanzanian Rainforest
3K Saving Rainforests with a Stethoscope
4K Help Train Kids to be Forest Guardians
29K Adopt a Wildlife Acre

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