Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Great News!

Hello everyone! :)

First  a general update for Kickstarter backers who have not read the updates yet to clarify any confusion, out of 2000 rewards, there are only about 40-50 straggling for various reasons. They are mostly International copies that have gotten lost or abandoned, but some that were severely delayed due to my being hospitalized a couple months ago. All are being taken care of however, and it's pretty cool thinking it's almost 100% done! :) Thanks to all Kickstart backers for being incredibly kind and wonderful to work with.

NOW to some really cool news!

When the Kickstarter became so successful, the majority of funds went to taking care of the 2000 rewards. Whatever was left went to printing as many books as possible for regular distribution by IDW (i.e. comic shops, book stores, amazon, etc). As it's always been from the beginning, the profits from these books all go towards Charities through Global Giving.

And now the profits are indeed in! Global Giving just got a check for around $34,000, all straight profits from sales of Womanthology: Heroic :) Now it's time for the final step of Womanthology: Heroic... figuring out who to give to!

I would like everyone (creators, backers, people who have bought a copy, or anyone who just likes Womanthology!) to go to Global Giving , pick a Charity, then comment HERE on this blog post (with a link) to nominate it for voting. After about a week of nominations I'll gather them for Womanthology creators and Kickstarter Backers to vote on the final order of giving. This is because these Charities often do not need a lot of money, so we'll give to the first on the list until their needs are met, then move onto the next, then the next. Hopefully we'll give to many before the money runs out.

Everyone should be exceedingly proud of what they've accomplished here. Creators, backers, and people who have bought a copy or even just helped spread the word, you have all contributed to not only creating a fantastic project that means a lot to many people, you have now succeeded in raising a lot of money that will help a lot of people all over the world. And it all came from our love of comics!  Pretty cool, huh? :)

Now post those Charities! :)

Have a nice day everyone!



  1. This one jumped out at me. Children and literacy/the arts seems to fit well with Womanthology :)



  2. Wow. This is excellent news! I'm a proud backer of the project and I'm glad to see the cash going to great causes.

    My vote would be for either The Hero Initiative or the CBLDF - I honestly can't decide which one I like more.

  3. Adopt A Wildlife Acre

  4. Though I normally donate to environmental and animal-related causes, I do like the idea of focusing the Womanthology donations on charities designed to help women and girls. To that end, I can't think of a better use for the money than helping to educate girls in Pakistan (see Renae's 10/10 email); my mom went to Afghanistan in 2009 and witnessed first hand the Taliban's deleterious effect on the well-being, education and self-esteem of the literally thousands of girls they've orphaned in their systematic murder of all educated professionals in that country. It's the same war fourteen-year-old Malala Yousafza is fighting in Pakistan. The conditions of the orphanages and schools there are deplorable and these girls really need all the help they can get.

    So I second Jody's nomination for the tapestries arts and literacy project, and would love to see some of the money go to one of the school projects in Afghanistan, like this one:


    or a shelter for traumatized women there, like this one:


    ~ Devin

  5. My vote goes toward the 1,000 Pakistani girls, in honor of Malala: http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/educate-1000-underprivileged-girls-in-pakistan/?rf=twtr

  6. Petfinder Foundation
    I think this one sounds great, since it helps a large group of shelter animals in the US. Also, if the donation is made by 10-31-12, Animal Planet will match the gift!
    Even if only a smaller amount is donated, it does twice the good.


    Another animal related charity that looks worthy:
    FCCO Spay/Neuter Clinics For Feral And Stray Cats.

    There's so many great charities on Global Giving, I really wish we could give to all of them!

  7. I just saw this on Global Giving and had to give it a mention- I didn't know it had a page there: http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/girl-effect-fund/

  8. http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/story-tapestries-arts-literacy-programs-dc/




    So many to choose from! These are a few that caught my eye.

  9. So excited and proud to be a part of this project still - especially because of the charities involved. I think that "Support African Illustrators of Children's Stories by Golden Baobab" would be an excellent program and a great match for the Womanthology crew.

  10. A few from me. A couple that will help women learn skills:

    and start their own businesses:

    One that will provide hygiene kits to girls in Kenya and Uganda and will help them learn how to make their own:

    And one that will help families here in the U.S. get back on their feet:

  11. I wish I could support all the charities listed...




  12. I second both:
    Girl Effect Fund
    Support African Illustrators of Children's Stories

    Though the Girl Effect Fund needs a vast quantity of money. I would prefer to see some of the smaller projects receive funds first, and then perhaps put any leftover money to larger projects?

    It looks like the project for the Pakistani girls is already funded, and isn't taking any more donations.

    I'm leaning toward the Arts for Children theme (following Jaclyn), with

    Bring Healing Art To Children In Medical Crisis

    And three related arts education projects:

    Teach Literacy through the Arts in DC, MD, and VA

    Art programs for 3,000 in-need New York children

    Using Visual Arts to Help At-Risk Students in MD

  13. I vote for one of the rainforest-saving projects, any of these:




  14. This one calls to me strongly: Educate girls in India, save them from being child brides.