Thursday, March 8, 2012

Womanthology Signing at Acme Comics and Bennett College Panel!

Hello fellow readers and contributors. I'm Nicole Sixx, a dedicated member of our Social Networking team and now our official Events Correspondent. As such it my great honor to bring to you coverage of all our latest Womanthology events, beginning with Janet Lee, Chrissie Zullo, and Ming Doyle's signing at Acme Comics and panel at Bennett College.

(*Photos provided courtesy of Janet Lee*


"It is hard to pick a favorite part; we got to sign at the store (Acme) and meet a lot of people who are exctied about the release of Womanthology. We also spoke at Bennett College about the importance of females in today's comic book industry, and answered a Q&A from the audience. It was great to see aspiring young girls excited about comics as well, sharing their portfolios with us. All in all, it was a great experience !!" - Chrissie Zullo

"Honestly, the guys at Acme are such great hosts, there were no bad parts of the weekend. :-)  But I loved the fact that so many people brought their daughters to meet us; these girls want to grow up to be artists, and their parents wanted them to see that women were working successfully in the industry.  The girls showed us their art-- Ming even had one little girl who emailed before coming to ask if she could bring and show her portfolio.  How awesome is that?" - Janet Lee 

"The talk at Bennett College was wonderful, it was fun sharing our stories of being in the industry and very helpful to hear Chrissie and Janet's insights into their own work methods and mindsets." - Ming Doyle

Sounds like an awesome time! Feel free to catch the whole audio podcast from the Bennett College Panel here. - N

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