Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Womanthology Panel - Image Expo 2012!

Last month Bonnie Burton, Mariah Huehner, Trina Robbins, Fiona Staples, and I (Nicole Sixx) had the delight and fun of being on Image Expo's "Womanthology: What Zeitgeist?" panel moderated by my awesome friend and future Womanthology creator, Blair Butler.

We had a blast, and so did the audience. Here's a collection of our footage and photos from the event.

*Trina Robbins and Mariah Huehner - Picture By Nicole Sixx*

*Bonnie Burton - Picture By Nicole Sixx*

*Blair Butler - Picture By Nicole Sixx*

*Nicole Sixx - Picture By Nicole Sixx*

*Fiona Staples - Picture By Nicole Sixx*

*Awesome Womanthology group table shot taken and tweeted by Bonnie Burton!!*

*Trina Robbins, Fiona Staples, Bonnie Burton, Nicole Sixx, and Mariah Huehner - Taken By Cousin Matt*

 *Nicole Sixx and Blair Butler - Picture By Nicole Sixx*

We were also given a booth on the Expo floor shared with the wonderful creator and gentleman, Peter S. Beagle!!

 *Peter S. Beagle w/ manager Connor Cochran - Picture By Nicole Sixx*

 *Peggy von Burkleo and Peter S. Beagle - Picture By Nicole Sixx*

*Nicole Sixx, Bonnie Burton, and Mariah Huehner - Picture By Nicole Sixx*

"When I think back on the panel, it seems that the conversation wandered around a lot, and not all of it had to do with the anthology -- we had a lot of fun talking about the infamous "brokeback pose!" I think the best thing about our panel was that it was relaxed, and that both we on the stage and the audience in their seats, were really enjoying ourselves." - Trina Robbins

"I really loved, loved, loved interacting with people at the booth. Everyone was so positive and, especially post panel, enthusiastic and encouraging about what the project has inspired them to do." - Mariah Huehner 

"When audience members at the Image Expo panel told us that we have inspired them to team up with their friends and start their own comics, it's exciting and extremely rewarding. I wanted to be involved in the Womanthology project because it sends a strong message to others never to give up on their aspirations to become comic book writers and artists." - Bonnie Burton

Extra Press! 

Thank you so much everyone who came out to see us at Image Expo 2012, you can catch my full photo album of the day here. Be back soon with all of our awesome Wonder Con 2012 coverage! - N

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