Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!! :)

We decided put together a fun new book for you all to download for Valentine's Day!! This in thanks once again of all the support and love we've gotten from everyone of Womanthology, from both Kickstarter Backers and to everyone else who have been there along the way. So this is available for everyone!

This 30+ page special consists of current Womanthology contributors and some new ones. :) I also felt it would be fun to welcome any interested men to join in the fun this time. They've all been so supportive of Womanthology and women in comics this entire time, I felt they could further show their support with their talents for Valentines if they're so interested :) Also watch out for couples working together! So sweet!

Here is a sample of some pages!

Hanie Mohd

Tai Shimizu

Jody Houser

Sally Jane Thompson

Christianne Benedict

Special thanks to Taylor Esposito for all of his extra hard work putting this book together! You can follow him on twitter HERE and give him Huge Thanks for all his efforts for this!

And more added thanks to Chandra Reyer for their extra help putting creator bios together! You can follow her HERE on twitter as well!

If you see a piece you like in this book, be sure to track them down on social networks and let them know how much you enjoyed it! :)

More updates a'coming as the release date draws near for Womanthology: Heroic! Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


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