Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Updates!

Hello Everyone! :)

Hope the Holidays were fantastic for everyone!

A few tidbits of stuff!

Womanthology Release Date: I've just been informed to expect delays for the release date due to printing issues. But as the book is out of my hands, the exact date hasn't been made known to me yet, but once I do know I'll update everyone. The estimate given to me was that it had to be moved from the Late January date to a very early March one (so a little over a month delay). I've been told as the books continue to print and further delays are out of the question, we'll then have the more certain date for it's release. Kickstarter Backers will be getting their own update, but theirs will be shipped a couple weeks earlier.

Womanthology is a beast of a book that is unlike any other, so there were a lot of fun twists and turns and challenges to get it ready, and everyone involved (including the amazing team at IDW who have been tirelessly preparing it for print) have been working nonstop to make it happen, and this delay is not the cause of anyone, just an unfortunate happening. I personally just cannot wait to finally hold the book in my hands!! On the bright side, if it is indeed released in early March, it'll coincide with Women's History Month :) So destiny maybe?

Comic Stores - I've been made aware that some of you amazing stores out there already set up signings with contributors of Womanthology for an Early February release date. First of all, you are absolutely amazing for supporting female creators like this, it means a lot to all involved!! Secondly, if you need to reschedule due to the delay, we want to make it as easy as possible for you. So please contact our Public Events Coordinator Rachel Pandich (who is also a writer for Womanthology! :) ) Her email is radeph@gmail.com She can help you work with contributors to reschedule, and anything else we can help with!

Special "BookPlate" for Stores - In case you don't know what the "Book Plate" is, I made a special insert page that was hand numbered and signed, then bound with the rest of the pages into Kickstarter/Contributor/Library copies only (you can see the image HERE). I have a limited number of extra pages, so I thought it would be nice to offer those to stores who may have set up signings for Womanthology creators :) Meaning, if you have set up a signing already and have to reschedule OR are thinking of setting up a Womanthology signing, I'd like to offer to send you a couple of these pages signed by me and personalized for your store. You could then have the ladies at your signing autograph it for you to keep, or even offer them to your Womanthology pre-order customers to make up in a small way for the delay. I only have limited number of these, but you can contact Rachel Pandich at radeph@gmail.com if you are interested! Again I know it's not much, but I and all involved really do care and appreciate your support of Womanthology and female creators in general. :) So THANK YOU!

Rewards - Again I have another update coming for backers, but in general most of the rewards are fulfilled ( not counting books, as they're not released yet). There's still a few that are taking more time, but we're still on it! :) I'll have a full breakdown available for Kickstarter Backers!

Womanthology ladies at Conventions! - Yep, we're everywhere this year! I'll be making a page soon to display what conventions everyone will be at so you can go and support your favorite contributor is you are so interested! Also I'll be at Wonder Con in mid March with Assistant Project Manager Laura Morley, who's flying in from the UK :) So that will be a fun one too!

Womanthology Challenge - Just a little thing.... if anyone manages to get their copy signed by ALL the Womanthology contributors, I'll not only be insanely impressed, but I'll come up with some kind of prize :) There's 169 ladies involved (of which a true list is underway for the public) so it'll be quite an amazing thing to accomplish!

That's it for now!! Again thanks for everyone's continued support and understanding as we gear up for the release date :) I'm so excited!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


PS- Questions can be directed to womanthology@gmail.com ! :)

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