Monday, November 14, 2011

Womanthology Book Preview!

Hello Everyone! :)

So here it is! After so much hard work from everyone involved, and so many challenges and triumphs, here we have a Preview of some pages from the Womanthology book!

I will soon have an exact date of release for everyone, as well as other details, very soon! But for now, for those of you who didn't get their copy via Kickstarter , you can order your copy through these other methods (note, only Kickstarter copies are hand numbered!) Backers, please keep an eye out for an upcoming Update via the Kickstarter regarding more information on rewards and book release!
  1. You can support your local comic store by asking for order code NOV110296: WOMANTHOLOGY HEROIC HC : $50.00.
  2. Plus you can Pre-order the books from the following Retailers in the U.S and Canada Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, Chapters, Amazon, and eventually Hastings will also have it available!
As always, ALL PROCEEDS go to the Charities of !! Once sales start coming in, Contributors of Womanthology will decide which Charity to give to first, hopefully fulfilling many Charities' needs before all is said and done! :) Suggestions for Charities on Global Giving welcome!

On to the Preview!

I will basically give a small preview for each section in the book!

Inner Title Page and "From One Tweet" Spread (click image for larger view)

Here are some story pages from book, picked at random ( as it was just too hard to choose!) Along the bottom of each page, there is a bar containing either information about the creators of each story, panels of a Womanthology created story for Stacie Ponder's RPG Comic that run throughout the book, or various tips from Industry Professionals on different topics! (note; pages may not be final versions)

A few more Panels from Stacie Ponder's RPG Comic...

Preview of pages from the Kids/Teen Section! All Contributors here are under 18 and under. Some even collaborated with industry professionals! The story page shown here was a collaboration between 4 artists sister on a story written by Gail Simone!

Preview of "How-To" Section! Showcasing step by step methods for various subjects by Womanthology Professionals!

Preview pages of the "Interview" Section! Talks with Industry Professionals about their careers!

Preview of pages from "Past Creators" Section! These articles highlight AMAZING comic creating ladies who have passed.

FINALLY, some pages from some awesome Sponsors of the book! :) Please take time to click and check out these projects/pages from some amazing people who helped our project! They truly deserve your support!

This was only a small sampling of the awesomeness in Womanthology! :D I'm beyond impressed by the amazing stuff that was created for this book! :) I'll be back soon with more updates!

Thanks for everything guys! :) Hope all are having a great day!

~Renae De Liz