Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Book Plate artwork for Womanthology Kickstarter Copies!

Hello everyone!

Below is the artwork intended to be a hand numbered book plate that will be inserted into the Kickstarter copies of Womanthology: Heroic! These will only be available in the Kickstarter, Contributor and Library copies! Please note that it says "signed" but hand signature is tentative based on if we can make it work! :)

Pencils : Renae De Liz
Inks: Sarah Elkins ( a womanthology contributor available for hire! :) Snatch her up!)
Kickstarter Backers be aware of another large update coming in the next day or so that includes the latest information, your link to the Kickstarter Exclusive Womanthology: Holiday, as well as access to the printable certificate you can put in stockings of those you may be giving Womanthology to as a gift letting them know of it's upcoming arrival! :) Also check out the Backer only Kickstarter update earlier this month for more information!

Thanks so much for stopping by! :) Hope everyone is having the best holiday season ever!


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