Friday, July 29, 2011

The amazing experience of this month...

Hey everyone :)

The Womanthology Kickstarter is drawing to a close, with 8 days left. By forces unknown that I can only barely begin to comprehend, we have (at the time of me typing this) reached an insane $72,000.

The first day of our campaign we reached our goal of $25,000. The reality of this is still pretty mind boggling to me. You must understand I had *no* idea it was going to happen the way it did! Even with the weeks I took planning and preparing, I thought it would be a long hard climb to our reach our colussus sized funding goal. So when I first hit that "Launch" button, my biggest hope for the first day was to get to $1,000. So imagine me, dancing around like a giddy idiot when we hit $200 in the first 15 minutes, then fast forward half a day later to my husband and I standing in front of the computer, mouths agape in stunned silence, watching the total funding reach $15,000 in mere hours. Hours! I still don't quite totally comprehend how it happened.

Since then began a flurry of work to upkeep such a massively successful campaign. Work that I expected to come in slowly over the 30 day fundraising period. So many questions, organizing of rewards, emails, among other things, swarmed in on that first day that my head was spinning. Taking care of a large Kickstarter could easily be a full time job, and I also have a full time art job as well as Womanthology production details! If it wasn't for the *AMAZING* Laura Morley (who is also the amazing narrator of the Kickstarter video!) taking care of the Kickstarter, answering questions, organizing all the rewards, my head may have exploded by now (which can be quite messy) so thank you Laura you are so wonderful, and without you, things wouldn't be happening! :) But yes, I've been very busy. So please forgive the lack of updates and any unanswered emails. It's been a liiiittle nuts!

We are going to be able to do much with this money, and I cannot thank everyone enough for what they've done. Womanthology is officially the most successful comics project on Kickstarter, and one of the most successful Kickstarters period. How amazing is it that a comic book, full of female creator owned work, has gotten such wonderful support?

We are going to be able to do so much with this money, and I intend to wring every ounce of opportunity and good for other people out of it. I have extra plans for the Womanthology book as well as for the ladies contributing, and other future ideas that will help more aspiring creatives everywhere. I can do all of what I have in mind if we can reach around $100,000. So here's hoping we can end STRONG! :)

So just thanks, to everyone, for the amazingness that is you people who have supported us from the very beginning tweet, where I asked timidly "Do any women want to work on an anthology together for Charity?" and to the women on the book who constantly amaze me with their talent and passion for comics. You are awesome!



  1. Hee - I'm blushing! :D Thank you Renae - and thanks everybody for making this SO AWESOME. Here's to the final week!

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  3. Thanks to you, Renae and Laura! You two are inspiring and heroic!!! Keep up the FANTASTIC work - you guys are shining stars to all of us involved in the project.

  4. Congrats for the project!
    for the next number (for sure there will be the next one!) i´d love to take part, if possible.
    XXX from Brazil,
    Luana Geiger

  5. Good Morning Renae.
    I write from Brazil, and I'm sorry for broken English.
    I do not know if you know (probably should know ...) that your project was published in a major newspaper in my country, STATE OF SAO PAULO, this Sunday 06/31
    I saw their work online and liked them very much.
    I cheer for the same book will be ready soon!
    See ya.