Winner Announced! Samantha Newark (JEM!) Album Cover Contest!

The Contest is now officially closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. The work was lovely and the decision was incredibly difficult. 

Congratulations to winner Justin O'Neal!! Honorable mentions: Leslie Maki and Isabelle Melancon! 

Hello lovely and talented people! There is a contest going on and it is open to all artists. You don't have to be working on Womanthology to submit.  All submissions will be posted on this blog for everyone to admire. 

Samantha Newark, who was the speaking voice of JEM (and who is contributing to Womanthology!) is releasing a CD for her new single and is going to be hiring the artist for the Single CD cover in the form of this contest! 

The single is called "I Got Everything." 

"I got my game on, I got my freak on, so right I'm wrong, I got Everything" 

If you are interested here are the details: 

Deadline: August 21st.

Who do I send it to? You email Amanda Deibert at

Specs: It's gotta be 300 dpi, full production

What am I going for here?  Well, it's up to you.  If you'd like mock cover art, lyrics and photos of Samantha, hit Amanda up via email and she'll do whatever it takes to get you what you need to make an awesome cover! The song is uptempo and the vibe is full of attitude so keep in mind that you want to match the tone with your art. Also, Samantha's original concept involves using her likeness and featuring her blonde hair, bangs, headphones and cheeky don't be afraid to embrace her vision and make it your own. Most of all, she wants it to feel edgy and sexy!

PRIZE:  $150.00 and credit on the CD Single liner notes, a free CD Single when it's released and a free copy of the brand new full length album when it comes out. AND if you are a JEM fan, she'll be happy to autograph a JEM photo for you as well. 

If you have any questions feel free to email asap. It's a super tight deadline, so reach out and get what you need to get started!

The First entries are in! Be sure to get YOURS in by August 14th! Anyone may enter and you may submit as many entries as you would like!!

Fowana Terry:

Leslie Maki:

Hanie Mohd:


Brandy Brown:


 Valia Kapa:
Alexis Hernandez: 
Justin O'Neal:

Heather Paske: 

Amy Rhoades:

Claire Kearns: 

Isabelle Melançon: 

Twacce Infinniti: 

Mia Thermopolis: 

Brenda Kirk:

Kamesha Miles:

Yadely Rivera (2 entries) 


Andrea Montano: