Meet the Creators Page 3

Renae De Liz - Project Manager

Name: Renae De Liz
Skill: Artist
Location: Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Previous Works: New York Times bestseller "The Last Unicorn" by IDW. Currently working on adapting Anne Rice's "Servant of the Bones".
Likes: Bread, plotting evil schemes, eating more bread, drawing, my 2 sons Tycen & Drake, and maybe my husband, Ray Dillon. Maybe.
Dream Job: I would love to adapt Harry Potter someday! Please oh please! :) I'd also love to work on a few Marvel & DC Books. I particularly would like to bring back Amethyst!
Interesting Fact: I am a lefty! And lefty's are awesome and don't let them tell you otherwise! Fellow southpaws, unite! ;)


Rachel Pandich - writer

Skill: Writer
Location: Orange Park, FL
Previous Works: Aspire
Likes: Coffee, Roller Derby, Monster movies, more coffee, cats, the Mets, Utena, MORE COFFEE
Dream Job:I would LOVE to write Swamp Thing one day. My heart exploded when I found out DC was bringing him back.
Interesting Fact: I have crooked toes.


Sarah "Neila" Elkins

Name: Sarah "Neila" Elkins
Skill: Penciller, inker, colorist
Location: Lampasas, TX
Previous Works: Inks for "A Bird in the Hat", Several peices of art in various Antarctic Press Summer Anthologies, and flatter (colorist assistant) for more books than I can keep track of.
Likes: Work: getting something finished is an incredible joy to me. I also like the outdoors, hiking, and birding.
Dream Job: Getting to work on Spiderman and/or being able to produce my own stories into fully rendered comics.
Interesting Fact: I have a snaggle tooth that lets me make that "one fang poking out smile" you see from Anime Vampires. I also have hair that is about 4 feet long.